April Letter to the E-Club of One World
Dear Rotarians and Friends,
We finished the month of March on a great note for our E-Club with the creation of a new Strategic Planning Committee. Link our webmaster commented, “that’s awesome and sorely needed!” The new committee with the 7 members who accepted the invite to participate, will meet in April to elect its chair-person and to start developing the 3-year plan for our club.

In my March letter, I asked: “What is your definition of Peace?” Thank you for those who answered this question. For some of you “Peace means respect, no wars, harmony. Peace is living together without conflicts between people from different countries”. For others peace is “to understand the essence of empathy and to eradicate ego with emphasis on unity and equality”. Those answers were very helpful for me. In order to give a deeper meaning for our club’s members with our Peace meetings, I am exploring now what the Rotary E-Club of World Peace is
doing for its members and if we could partner with them. After our last excellent Peace meeting with our prestigious guest Peter Kyle, I am trying to develop those relations and connections and to schedule Rudy Westervelt, a Peace Figure and founder of the E-Club of World Peace to one of our next Peace meetings.
Past REOW president Ken Meyer will be our speaker at our April 6 Fellowship meeting and I hope we have time for a vocational minute at the end of this meeting. The May fellowship meeting will be designated as our Club Assembly. Don’t forget to participate in our meeting on Monday, April 15 to discuss the club projects for 2024-25. And now I have an announcement for all of you who love to travel and to experience the work of Rotary with your own eyes. On June 14-17 there is a Rotary Trip to Los Cabos in Mexico to join Mimi our PEN in distributing backpacks to the school that our District Grant is providing for families in need. More details of the trip will be posted on the website soon. Please consider joining us in this adventure.

With Hope and Peace,
Claudine Schooley
Fellowship & Other Program Events
Jul 06, 2024 8:00 am 9:00 am
Jul 06, 2024
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Sep 28, 2024
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Oct 19, 2024
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March Peace Meeting
You are invited to an exceptional "Saturday Peace Meeting" when we welcome to our E-club of One World Past Rotary International Director (Zones 33 & 34) Peter Kyle. 
Peter will guide us in an historical journey of Rotary CIP/Intercountry Committee and the United Nations toward Peace. Prepare your questions for Peter who will give us his valuable answers on Peace, through his extensive Rotary experience! Don't miss this meeting!
Click here to see the recording of our March Peach Meeting...
February Peace Meeting
Please click here to see the recording of our February Peace Meeting... 
Thank you to all our members who joined us.
As e-club members, we participate fully in Rotary life, enjoying the camaraderie and fellowship with other members and visitors through our get-togethers online. We are  a regular club except we meet online, so we can join in from anywhere worldwide. Our club is perfect for Rotarian globetrotters and those who live too far from a traditional club to attend regularly. Everyone is welcome! 

Our members come from all over the world, giving us access to an international network of friends and fellow Rotarians! And we meet each other individually whenever the opportunity arises. 
To communicate with each other we use the following:
  • Whatsapp to communicate with each other in group chats and telephonically.  
  • ClubRunner, where we maintain our member profiles, and where our E-Club documents and our member contact list can be accessed.
  • Zoom, where we conduct our club meetings. It is very easy to use, we send you a link with a passcode to enter the meeting. You will need a device that has a camera to be able to get the best possible experience!
   Do not let technology stand in the way of joining our E-Club,
we have many members that will help you navigate and feel comfortable!

Consider becoming a member
Is it too difficult to regularly attend an in-person meeting? Are you traveling too often or have a mobility issue, but want to continue being a Rotarian? Then our E-club might be the solution for you!
The easiest way is to email us and request a link to one of our Fellowship meetings so that we may get to know each other. If you like what you see, we'll ask you to fill out a form, and the board of directors will vote to include you as a member. We would love to hear from you and have you join our E-club.

Contact Us or Download the form to start your application.
Our Club Community Project
Thanksgiving Meals Distribution with the Conejo Valley Rotary Club on Thanksgiving day.
Please send your generous contributions to:
Rotary Club of Conejo Valley P.O. Box 1527 Thousand Oaks, CA 91358
Or visit www.conejovalleyrotary.org (Donations are tax deductible)
Our Projects 2023-24, click on the titles to read more
Backpacks and School Supplies for Cabo San Lucas in Mexico.
In September 2021, at the beginning of the school year, we delivered 50 backpacks and school supplies to second-grade students of the Amelia Wilkes Ceseña Elementary School located in Cuatro De Marzo neighborhood in Cabo. This was led by Rotary Eclub of One World and the Principal and staff from the school. The project has been so successful that we decided to do it again in September 2023.
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Rotary International President R. Gordon R. McInally called for members to capture the world's attention and lead the way toward possibilities far beyond our current expectations.
"The goal is to restore hope — to help the world heal from destructive conflicts and, in turn, to help us achieve lasting change for ourselves." 

A significant way to bring hope to the world is to put a greater emphasis on peace, McInally said. He cited the action Rotary members have taken in the past year to support the people of Ukraine after the invasion by Russia. Rotary has made humanitarian relief a priority, attracting more Ukrainian members in the process. But McInally noted that true relief won't come without peace — not just in Ukraine, but in Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria, and dozens of other places around the globe.

"Peace is the soil where hope takes root," McInally said.

McInally also emphasized the power of continuity, calling for Rotary members to continue the work of some past leaders.